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Iowa PGA Section COVID-19 Guidelines and Local Rules

May 21st, 2020

Iowa PGA Section COVID-19 Guidelines and Local Rules

Riverside, IA-  The Iowa PGA Section staff and PGA Membership continues to hope you are doing well and taking care. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us by phone or email.  

New COVID-19 Local Rules have been created and will be in place for all Iowa PGA Junior Golf tournaments.  You can CLICK HERE to review that information.  This file is also located on all TIPs (tournament info pages).  Also listed in this box is Social Distancing Guidelines and New Procedures and Policies.  CLICK HERE to view that document.  The box in the upper right-hand corner of each TIP will contain all the information a player will need to participate.  These files include the new COVID-19 Local Rules, the new social distancing guidelines, new procedures/policies and we'll also list the Hard Card, Local Rules and Starting Announcements there as well about 2 days prior to each event.  All of this information will be sent in the tee time and pairings email that is sent about 2 days prior to each event.  

Please note some of the information listed in these files include but are not limited to the following.  All players and family members need to read and understand all of these new procedures.  
  1. It is important for everyone to adhere to social distancing guidelines and stay 6 feet away from each other at all times.  
  2. Juniors are not to arrive any earlier than 45 minutes from their designated tee time.  All players need to be courteous and mindful around practice facilities.  Practice areas are for warm up only.  
  3. Some practice facilities may not be available.  Detailed information on each facility will be emailed out with tee times and pairings email.  
  4. Only 1 spectator will be allowed per junior.  
  5. Players need to bring their own pencils, tees, water and snacks.  Food and beverage options may be limited at a facility.  Tees and Pencils will not be available.  Watercoolers, ball washers and rakes are not to be used.    
  6. Scorecards will be provided, but not exchanged.  Juniors will be assigned a marker on the first tee and instructed how to verbally share scores.  Scores will be verbally submitted at the scoring area as well.  
  7. Pick, clean and place will be implemented in bunkers.  You may not smooth prior to placing but are encouraged to smooth when finished.
  8. No one will be allowed to touch the flagstick. Each facility will have their own procedure in place.
  9. Iowa PGA Staff will be wearing gloves and masks when appropriate.  
  10. Hand sanitizer will be available at check in, starting tee and scoring.  
  11. There will be no awards presentation.  Awards will be mailed or available at a future event.  
Again, these are just a few new procedures, policies and guidelines.  Please click the links below to read and review this new information so you are properly prepared.  

COVID-19 Local Rules

Social Distancing Guidelines, New Policies and Procedures

The Iowa PGA are working to get Membership packets out in the mail next week.  Keep an eye out for them in the USPS mail.  
The Iowa PGA Junior Golf Academy has been changed to three 1-day camps that will continue to be hosted by Pheasant Ridge GC in Cedar Falls on Monday, June 15, Tuesday, June 16 and Wednesday, June 17.  Check it out by CLICKING HERE.  A special Bluegolf camp schedule page has been created that you can find by clicking the drop down area in the middle of the Complete Schedule of Events Bluegolf page.  Each day camp TIP is also listed on the all schedule pages.  Check it out - lots of fun, same great instruction hosted in a modified, responsible manner.  

Congratulations to the 2020 seniors.  We wish you well as you embark on your next adventure.  Remember to check out the Iowa PGA Burkart Scholarship by CLICKING HERE.  All 2020 high school graduates are also eligible to participate in the 2020 Junior Tournament Season.  One final fun summer of golf with your friends.  
The Quad Cities at Duck Creek golf event has been moved from Friday, June 5 to Friday, July 24.  Everything is up to date on the website and TIPs.  

The Iowa PGA will be welcoming 3 new interns who will start Tuesday, May 26.  All three are currently attending the University of Iowa.  Jacob Hesner is from Winthrop, Jack Higgins is from Nevada and Morgen Kuennen is from Jackson Junction.  They will all join Olivia Colosimo as a part of the Iowa PGA Team.  Olivia started early with us back in February and is our designated communication intern.  She is recent graduate from the University of Iowa and plans to attend graduate school this fall.  

We'll continue to communicate more often with you as our season finally draws near.  Again, thank you for your time, attention and support.  Please feel free to call or email anytime if you have any questions.  We plan to work with these new procedures in place until at least June 15.  We'll be evaluating everything in 2-week blocks and will make adjustments as needed.

For more tournament information and schedule updates, fans can follow the Iowa PGA on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Fans can also get a behind the scenes look on Instagram.