Pee Wee Overview

Pee Wee Overview

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This developmental tour is exclusively designed for juniors, both boys and girls, that want to start experiencing tournament play. Your Pee Wee junior golfer will have fun interacting with his or her peers as well as enjoying time spent with parents! Parents are encouraged to caddie, help keep score, give advice and help with rules & etiquette. The courses may be modified in length and number of holes to cater to the beginner level Pee Wees.

Age Division

Approximate Yardage

# of holes played

Pee Wee 12-13



Pee Wee 10-11



Pee Wee 8-9

Par 3’s: 100-125

Par 4’s: 250-275

Par 5’s: 275-300


Pee Wee 7 & Under

Par 3’s: 75-100

Par 4’s: 175-200

Par 5’s 225-250


* Yardages are due to change depending upon course and weather conditions


The 2019 Pee Wee Tour membership fee is $50! This registration fee gives Pee Wee Tour juniors and their families access to both online tournament directories, which house tournament schedules, entries and other important information. Use the Membership tab to either - Become a Member or Login to Your Membership.

Caddie Policy

Caddies are permitted on the Iowa PGA Pee Wee Tour. Parents, or other spectators are encouraged to participate with these young junior golfers by caddying (carrying their bags, giving advice, etc.), keeping score for the group and keeping the pace of play at an acceptable time. These caddies must walk, and may not ride in the cart, to participate. Only one person may be designated as caddie per player during Pee Wee Tour events.

Additional Information

With a Pee Wee Tour membership, members are eligible to play in Junior Tour events in which there are younger age groups. However, players must follow the policies and procedures of the Iowa PGA Junior Tour.