Is there a membership fee to join the Iowa PGA Junior Tour and if so how long does the membership last?

The membership fee for the Iowa PGA Junior Tour and the Iowa PGA Pee Wee Tour is $60.00. This membership will last through the calendar year in which it is purchased. Every new season players will need to renew their membership.

If my birthday is during the middle of the season how do I know which age division to sign up for?

For the 2021 season, age divisions will be decided based on your age on June 3, 2021.

Can I “play up” into another age division?

Players are allowed to play up into another age division; however, they are only able to collect player of the year points in one age division.

What is the tournament cancellation and refund policy?

There will be a $5 processing fee for any cancellation in 9-hole divisions and a $10 processing fee for any cancellation in 18-hole divisions – FOR ANY REASON. No refunds will be given after 4 days prior to the event. Players may also cancel out of an event by logging into their Player’s Club Account. Please contact the Section office by phone at 319-648-0026 as soon as possible if you need to withdraw from an event. Please note, this policy is only for events where entries are accepted by the Iowa PGA Office and through BlueGolf. Players can also credit their account for the entire entry fee to be used for another event at a later date. No processing fee will be charged if you credit your account when cancelling. All credit must be used during the season. If you do not use your credit by the end of the season it will be donated to the Iowa PGA Foundation Burkart Scholarship on your behalf. You will receive a tax deduction receipt. If an individual chooses to withdraw from any other tournament on the Junior Tour schedule where entries are not taken through BlueGolf, please contact the tournament director for that event prior to the deadline for entry. The tournament director’s contact information will be available on each of the tournament entry forms. The decision to refund will be at each individual tournament director’s discretion. It is essential to call and withdraw from an event so the next junior on the waiting list can be informed of the open spot.

What is the Charlie Burkhart Scholarship?

The Iowa PGA Foundation annually awards a college scholarship in memory of Charlie Burkart, PGA member for 49 years and head professional at the Elmcrest Country Club in Cedar Rapids for 48 years. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist students in furthering their education. At least one high school graduate will be the 2021 recipient of the $1,500 per year scholarship for a period of four years. Other previously graduated applicants will be reviewed with additional scholarships awarded when possible.

Any graduating high school senior or previous graduate residing within the boundaries of the Iowa PGA Section and the State of Iowa is eligible to apply. The Iowa PGA Section is bounded on the west by U.S. Highway 71 and includes an area of Western Illinois from a point north of Quincy, east to near Springfield and directly north. It includes the major cities of Monmouth, Macomb, Galesburg, Moline, Rock Island, Kewanee and Galena. It does not include the cities of Freeport, Springfield or Quincy.

Scholarship winners are selected on the basis of their interest and activity in golf, the potential for future contributions to the game, leadership skills/community involvement, then on their academic/professional ability and financial need.

Is there a limit to the number of events I can sign up for?

There is not a limit to the number of events a player can sign up for on the Iowa PGA Junior Tour. However, a player’s best 15 finishes will be used to calculate their player of the year points.

Are distance measuring devices allowed to be used during Iowa PGA Junior Tour events?

Range finders are allowed, but must be used for measuring distance only. Players will be penalized if their use of a rangefinder is for any reason other than distance. The first use of a banned rangefinder function will result in a two-stroke penalty, and any subsequent use during that round will result in the player’s disqualification.

What is the difference between the Junior and Pee Wee Tour?

There are two main differences between the Junior and Pee Wee Tours. The first major difference is age. The Pee Wee Tour has age divisions for players 13 and under. The Junior Tour will have age divisions for players age 11 and older. The other major difference is Pee Wee Tour players can have caddies while the Junior Tour players cannot.

If my son or daughter is 13 and under can they participate on both tours?

Players 13 and Under can play on both tours. They will only need to sign-up for one of the tour memberships; however if a Pee Wee Tour member plays in a Junior Tour event they will not be able to have a caddie. Whichever Tour the player signs up for will be the only tour they receive Player of the Year Points for.