Junior Team and Stroke Play Event Results

Jul 23, 2018


Des Moines, Iowa—The Iowa PGA hosted a Junior Team and Stroke Play event on July 23, 2018 at the Wakonda Club in Des Moines. This Ace Point event administer by the Iowa PGA. 

Ben Bermel carded a 1-under-par shot to claim first in the boys 16-18 division. Two strokes behind Bermel was Burke Pitz, shooting a 73. Michael Vicente carded a total of 75 for the round, 3-strokes over par. 

Matthew Briggs shot 3-over par in the boys 14-15 age division, carding a 75 for the round. Jake Weissenburger was two-strokes back at 77 for the day. John Cahalan claimed third place, shooting 10-over on the day. 

Shooting an 82 on the day was Evan Smith in the boys 12-13 age division. Jackson Overton was 3-strokes behind Smith for second place. Isaiah Zoske and Charles Allen tied for third, each shooting an 87 through 18. 

Lucas Laffoon shot 6-over through 9 holes in the boys 11 & under age division. Andrew Johannsen shot a 46, only 3-strokes behind Laffoon. Jacob Chickering and Pranay Monga shot a 48 for the day, 11-over par. 

Paige Hoffman led the girls 16-18 division, shooting a 77 for the day. Jenna Krogulski was 10-strokes behind Hoffman, shooting 14-over par. Lauren Sease and Molly Carey were each a stroke behind Krogulski, shooting an 88 for the round. 

Saffire Sayre led a close contest in the girls 14-15 age division. Sayre shot 8-over par for the day to claim first place in the girls 14-15 age division. Kylie Carey was 1-stroke behind Sayre, while Jaci Webb was only 3-strokes behind Sayre. 

Leading the girls 13 & under age division, Greenlee Smock shot a 45, an 8-over par score through 9. Meghan DeLong was 12-over par, shooting a 49 for the day. Lauren Briggs was close behind DeLong, shooting a 50 for the day. 

In the boys 16-18 team division, Ben Bermel and Joshua Nichols claimed first place shooting a 68. Caden Jones and Tommy Weissenburger also shot a combined 68 for second place. 

Matthew Briggs and Jack Winkel shot 1-under par to claim the boys 14-15 team division. John Cahalan and Jake Weissenburger were sitting 4-strokes behind in second place.

Charles Allen and Owen Howe shot 1-over par for a score of 74 in the boys 12-13 team division. Tony Song and Evan Smith were 6-over par for second in the division. 

In the boys 11 & under team division, Lucas Laffoon and C.T. Norris led the way, shooting a 5-over par. Andrew Johannsen and Jett Lovanh shot a 43 for the day, only 6-over par. 

Jenna Krogulski and Paige Hoffman teamed up to shoot a combined 2-over par in the girls 16-18 team division. Molly Carey and Delaney Underwood claimed second, shooting a score of 80. 

Rylee Heryford and Erika Holmberg shot a 5-over par in the girls 14-15 team division. Jaci Webb and Saffire Sayre were a stroke behind in second, shooting a 78. 

Greenlee Smock and Lauren Briggs shot 6-over par for the day, for a total score of 43 in the girls 13 & under team division. Meghan DeLong and Rebecca DeLong shot a 45, two strokes behind the leaders.  

Special thanks to PGA Professionals Aaron Krueger, Grant Feilmann, Sarah Bidney, the membership and the entire staff at Wakonda for their support in hosting. 

The Iowa PGA would also like to thank The Principal Charity Classic for title sponsoring the Iowa Junior Tour. 

Special thanks to Bushnell and Bolle as they will be providing contest prize to be given away at all ACE Point Events. 


Award Winners
Boys 16-18

Ben Bermel—Cedar Falls, IA
Burke Pitz—Des Moines, IA
Michael Vicente—Waukee, IA

Boys 14-15

Matthew Briggs—Burlington, IA
Jake Weissenburger—Clive, IA
John Cahalan—West Des Moines, IA

Boys 12-13

Evan Smith—Knoxville, IA
Jackson Overton—Indianola, IA
Charles Allen—Cedar Rapids, IA

Boys 11 & Under

Lucas Laffoon—Johnston, IA
Andrew Johannsen—Johnston, IA
Jacob Chickering—Indianola, IA

Girls 16-18

Paige Hoffman—West Des Moines, IA
Jenna Kroguslki—West Des Moines, IA
Molly Carey—Waukee, IA

Girls 14-15

Saffire Sayre—West Des Moines, IA
Kylie Carey—Waukee, IA
Jaci Webb—Ankeny, IA

Girls 13 & Under

Greenlee Smock—Sully, IA
Meghan DeLong—Clear Lake, IA
Lauren Briggs—Burlington, IA

Boys 16-18 Team

Ben Bermel (Cedar Falls, IA)/Joshua Nichols (Clive, IA)
Caden Jones (Nevada, IA)/Tommy Weissenburger (Clive, IA)

Boys 14-15 Team

Matthew Briggs (Burlington, IA)/Jack Winkel (Ankeny, IA)—not pictured
John Cahalan (West Des Moines, IA)/ Jake Weissenburger (Clive, IA)

Boys 12-13 Team

Charles Allen (Cedar Rapids, IA)/Owen Howe (Des Moines, IA)
Tony Song (Windsor Heights, IA)/Evan Smith (Knoxville, IA)

Boys 11 & Under Team

Lucas Laffoon (Johnston, IA)/C.T. Norris (West Des Moines, IA)
Andrew Johannsen (Johnston, IA)/Jett Lovanh (Ankeny, IA)

Girls 16-18 Team

Paige Hoffman (West Des Moines, IA)/Jenna Krogulski (West Des Moines, IA)
Molly Carey (Waukee, IA)/Delaney Underwood (Mitchellville, IA)

Girls 14-15 Team

Rylee Heryford (Newton, IA)/Erika Holmberg (Bettendorf, IA)
Jaci Webb (Ankeny, IA)/Saffire Sayre (West Des Moines, IA) 

Girls 13 & Under Team 

Greenlee Smock (Sully, IA)/Lauren Briggs (Burlington, IA)
Meghan DeLong (Clear Lake, IA)/Rebecca DeLong (Clear Lake, IA)