Levels of Play

Levels of Play

Listed below are the four (4) Event Categories. Any junior can participate in any event. Major and Ace point events are administered by the Iowa PGA Section Staff. These events generally have large participation numbers and more intermediate and advanced players. All players are welcome, but please keep in mind difficulty of course set up and make sure you are keeping good pace of play at all times.

Major Point Events:

These are state/section championships, consisting of the highest quality field. Many of these events will be ranked on Junior Golf Scoreboard and with the American Junior Golf Association. Iowa PGA Section staff will be on site to administer these events.

Ace Point Events:

These are typically one day high quality field events where the Iowa PGA Section Staff are on site.

Eagle Point Events:

Events with high quality fields and greater weight. Section staff does not administer these events.

Birdie Point Events:

Tournaments can be more local and regional. Still quality run events with good fields. Section staff does not administer these events.


Qualifiers are non-point events. Player of the Year points are not given for participating.