PGA Jr. League

PGA Jr. League

2018 Iowa PGA Jr League Seminars

The Iowa PGA will host two PGA Jr League Seminars on December 3rd and 4th. This seminars will focus on recruiting new facilities to the program. Attendees will earn hour for hour MSRs for attending a seminar.  

Monday, December 3rd
9:00am - 11:30am
South Hills Golf Course
Waterloo, Iowa

Tuesday, December 4th
9:00am - 11:30am
Otter Creek Golf Course
Ankeny, Iowa

PGA Jr League Regional

The Beloit Club
September 15-16, 2018
The Dubuque League All-Stars represented the Iowa PGA Section in the PGA Jr League Regional at the Beloit Club in Beloit, Wisconsin. The Dubuque League All-Stars finished second overall in the event. The participating teams and results are located below. 

Participating Teams:
TPC Twin Cities (Minnesota PGA Section)
Dubuque League (Iowa PGA Section)
North West League (Nebraska PGA Section)
The Legend Clubs (Wisconsin PGA Section)  
TPC Twin Cities: 3-0  33.5 Points
Dubuque League: 2-1  15.5 Points
North West League: 1-2  15 Points
The Legend Clubs: 0-3  8 Points

Section Championship

The Cedar Rapids Country Club 
August 18, 2018

The Iowa PGA Junior League Championship will be a four team match play fo​rmat event. Participating teams are the low two aggregate scores from the East and West Sub-Regionals. The event will consist of two rounds of match play. 

Participating Teams:
Dubuque League
Iowa City/Cedar Rapids League
Ames/Marshalltown League
Des Moines League
The Iowa PGA Junior League Section Championship was played at The Cedar Rapids Country Club on Saturday, August 18th. The competition was a match play format consisting of two rounds of matches. 

Two Semi-Final matches were played with the Dubuque League All-Stars defeating the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids All-Stars. In the other Semi-Final Match the Des Moines League All-Stars defeated the Ames/Marshalltown. 

In the second round of matches players competed in a Championship and Consolation match. In the Consolation match, the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids All-Stars defeated the Ames/Marshalltown League All-Stars. In the Championship match the Dubuque League All-Stars defeated the Des Moines League All-Stars. 

The Dubuque League All-Stars will now represent the Iowa PGA Section in the Regional Competition being held at the Beloit Club in Beloit, Wisconsin on September 15th and 16th. The Dubuque League All-Stars will compete against the advancing All-Star Teams from Region 8. 

The Iowa PGA would like to thank The Cedar Rapids Country Club for their support in hosting the Iowa PGA Junior League Section Championship. 

Championship Match:
Dubuque League All-Stars: 7
Des Moines League All-Stars 5

Consolation Match:
Iowa City/Cedar Rapids League All-Stars: 6.5
Ames/Marshalltown League All-Stars: 5.5

Semi-Final Match #1:
Dubuque League All-Stars: 9
Iowa City/Cedar Rapids League All-Stars: 4

Semi-Final Match #2:
Des Moines League All-Stars: 8.5
Ames/Marshalltown: 3.5

East Sub-Regional

Aiport National Golf Complex
August 5th, 2018
An aggregate score qualifier comprised of the Dubuque League, Iowa City/Cedar Rapids League, Quad Cities North League and Quad Cities South League. Players compete under modified rules in a 2 or 3 person team scramble format.
Dubuque – 95
Jackson Webber/Roan Martineau – 31
Will Coohey/Brock Wilson – 31
Cal Martineau/Nate Obbink/Connor Walsh – 33
Bennett Dolter/Bock Mueller/Katelyn Vaassen – 36
Iowa City/Cedar Rapids – 97
Ryan Schmit/Charlie Allen – 28
Grant Allen/Quincey Johnson/Jacob Jenson – 36
Ryan Schmierer/JJ Grimm – 33
Jacob Sires/Joe Giblin/Dante Reive – 37
Quad Cities North—100
Bryson VanHoutte/Evan Graham—32
Preston Moriarity/Sam Johnson—37
Michael Koury/Brady Huskey/Keaton Kress—36
Ethan Bloome/John Dobbe/Keaton Prins—32
Quad Cities South – 100
Liam Wilcox/Anna Weinkerger/Eli Leverenz – 45
Isaac Rumler/Luke Leverenz – 32
Vaughan Roseman/Nolan Roseman –35
John Becker/Michael Henderson/Rylee Brockhouse – 33

West Sub-Regional

Westwood Golf Course
August 11, 2018
An aggregate score qualifier comprised of the Ames/Marshalltown League, Des Moines League, Waterloo East League and Waterloo West League. Players compete under modified rules in a 2 or 3 person team scramble format. 
Ames/Marshalltown -- 107
Isaiah Zoske/Mason Gatchel -- 32
Austin Hennick/Luke Vawter --37
Ryan Schmit/Carter Giannetto/Karter Beving --38
Eden Lohrbach/Jackson Keoley/Alec Higgins – 40
Des Moines -- 109
Gabe Kramer/Ryan Jermier -- 37
Gabe Strother/Bradley Kofoed --35
Jacob Peterson/Avin Legg/Daniel Paulson -- 37
Shadd Livingston/Cal Johnson/Tyler Herrmann -- 41
 Waterloo West -- 117
Mason Ridder/Molly Ratchford/Camden Juhlin -- 38
Cash Cline/Carson Reznicck/Lakota Moses – 45
Grace Lewis/Ethan Anderson -- 41
Ethan Cahalan/Dawson Fuelling -- 38

Waterloo East-- 130
Ben Brogan/Zach Brogan—49
Jackson Mudd/Drew Larimer – 37
Hudson Hollvan/Joey McCausland/Oliver Thompson – 44
Myia Rosecrans/Thomas Fereday/Charlie Lubs -- 51
What is PGA Jr. League?
PGA Jr. League is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls, ages 13 and under, to learn and enjoy the game of golf from PGA and LPGA Professionals. Like many other recreational youth sports, participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with friends.

There are numerous benefits associated with the program:
  • Playing on a team is low-pressure and less stressful. The primary goal is to enjoy the game for life!
  • There is no individual scoring and all the players get to play in every competition!
  • “Flags” are awarded and collected throughout the season to display proudly on their bag-tags.
  • Coaches have the ability to alternate players to maximize the team’s success.
  • Numbered jerseys for each of the players helps build a sense of identity for each participant.
  • Opportunity for advancement through Regional Competitions.

Parent Involvement

Similar to other youth recreational sports, PGA Jr. League encourages and relies on parental involvement. In addition to making sure participants get to matches and practices, parents can play an important role in the success of their team:
  • Team captain/assistant
  • Coach
  • Team-mother
  • Match monitor/scorer
  • Player recruitment

Getting Started

Participant fees to play on a PGA Jr. League team are determined by each individual Team Captain and may vary from team-to-team.

What PGA Jr. League Players Receive:
  • Home and Away Team Jerseys
  • PGA Jr. League t-shirts
  • PGA Jr. League Bag Tags
  • PGA Jr. League Hat
  • PGA Jr. League Drawstring Bags
  • 5-6 regular-season league competitions
  • Instruction from a PGA Professional
  • Team practices
  • Awards
  • Opportunity for All-Star Advancement
  • Access to the PGA Jr. League Website
  • Access to the PGA Jr. League Online Store
Detailed information is available on their website at