Player of the Year

Player of the Year



Players should choose their division according to their age as of June 3, 2018. Points will be accrued in only one division. Player of the Year is the highest honor awarded to an Iowa Junior Tour member. Each of the following age divisions will have one Player of the Year winner to be honored at the Iowa PGA Section Awards Luncheon in the Fall. Each junior must be a member of the Junior Tour at the time the points are earned. Junior Tour Player of the Year winners will be invited, along with their parents, to attend the Iowa PGA Section Awards Luncheon, where they will receive an award for their accomplishment. The Iowa PGA Section Awards Luncheon is scheduled for October 30, 2018, and will be held at the Riverside Casino & Resort in Riverside, Iowa.

Player of the Year Points Calculation:

Player of the Year point totals for 2018 will continue to be a best of approach. Juniors total will be the best finishes of 15 events. There are over 50 point events for juniors to choose on the 2018 schedule. If a sudden death playoff is conducted for a 1st place tie, the winner of the playoff will receive 1st place points. For all other ties, points will be split among competitors, even if there is a scorecard playoff. Scorecard playoffs are only used to determine who will receive the trophy for the event. Points will automatically be added to each player’s profile after the conclusion of the event. Once the season has begun, you will find updated points for each division on this page. Please contact the Iowa PGA Section office at 319-648-0026 with any questions.

The Iowa PGA Junior Tour will continue to participate in the Cobra-Puma Junior Cup Matches versus the Gateway PGA Junior Tour.  The Iowa PGA will be hosting in 2018.  More details available soon. The top POY winners will be invited to attend this event. CLICK HERE for complete details on this great event.  

Listed below are the 4 Event Categories.  Any junior can participate in any event.  Major and Ace point events are administered by the Iowa PGA Section Staff.  These events generally have large participation numbers and more intermediate and advanced players.  All players are welcome, but please keep in mind difficulty of course set up and make sure you are keeping good pace of play at all times.

Major Point Events:  These are state/section championship, consisting of highest quality field.  Many of these events will be ranked on Junior Golf Scoreboard and with the American Junior Golf Association.  Iowa PGA Section staff on site to administer.

MAJOR Point Events
1. 700 11. 350
2. 665 12. 315
3. 630 13. 280
4. 595 14. 245
5. 560 15. 210
6. 525 16. 175
7 490 17. 140
8. 455 18. 105
9. 420 19. 70
10. 385 20. 35

 Ace Point Events: These are typically one day high quality field events where the Iowa PGA Section Staff are on site.

ACE Point Events
1. 600 11. 300
2. 570 12. 270
3. 540 13. 240
4. 510 14. 210
5. 480 15. 180
6. 450 16. 150
7. 420 17. 120
8. 390 18. 90
9. 360 19. 60
10. 330 20. 30

Eagle Point Events: Events with high quality fields and greater weight. Section staff does not administer these events. 

EAGLE Point Events
1. 300 11. 150
2. 285 12. 135
3. 270 13. 120
4. 255 14. 105
5. 240 15. 90
6. 225 16. 75
7. 210 17. 60
8. 195 18. 45
9. 180 19. 30
10. 165 20. 15

Birdie Point Events: Tournaments can be more local and regional.  Still quality run events with good fields.  Section staff does not administer these events.

BIRDIE Point Events
1. 150 11. 50
2. 140 12. 40
3. 130 13. 30
4. 120 14. 20
5. 110 15. 10
6. 100
7. 90
8. 80
9. 70
10. 60

Note: Qualifiers are non-point events. Player of the Year points are not given for participating.

Once the season has begun, you will find updated points for each division on this page.  Please contact the Iowa PGA Section office at 319-648-0026 with any questions.


Bonus points will be awarded for the 43rd National Junior PGA Championship. Two boys will advance on from the Section Championship to the National event that will be played at Valhalla Golf Club July 31-August 3, 2018. The Girls National PGA Championship will be hosted by Kearney Hill Golf Links in Lexington, KY on July 9-12, 2018.


Points will be added to total points accrued from the 42nd National PGA Junior Iowa Championship 250 Points: Qualifying / Advancing to the 43rd National PGA Junior Championship* 300 Points: Finishing in the top 25 at the 43rd National PGA Junior Championship 500 Points: Winning the 43rd National PGA Junior Championship *In order to qualify for the 43rd National PGA Junior Championship juniors must not have reached their 19th birthday by August 3, 2018 for Boys and July 12, 2018 for Girls.


2017 Player of The Year Award Winners

  • Girls 13 & Under

    Rylee Heryford, Newton, Iowa
  • Boys 11 Under

    Evan Smith, Knoxville, Iowa
  • Girls 14 & 15

    Taylor Sedivec, Granger, Iowa
  • Boys 12 & 13

    Will Simpson, Pella, Iowa
  • Girls 16-18

    Paige Hoffman, West Des Moines, Iowa
  • Girls 14 & 15

    Taylor Sedivec, Granger, Iowa
  • Boys 16-18

    Aaron Willie, Davenport, Iowa
  • Charlie Burkart Scholarship Recipient

    Will Babcok, Panora, Iowa
  • Iowa PGA Professional of the Year

    Aaron Krueger, PGA, Wakonda Club
  • Iowa PGA Assistant Professional of the Year

    Drew Murphy, PGA, Des Moines Golf & Country Club
  • Iowa PGA Distinguished Service Award

    Troy Christensen, Past IPGA Executive Director
  • Iowa PGA Teacher of the Year

    Ken Schall, PGA, Ken Schall Golf Performance Studios
  • Iowa PGA Patriot Award

    Mark Burke, PGA, Warrior Run Golf Course
  • Youth Player Development Award

    Brian Wilson, PGA, Thunder Hills Country Club
  • Player Development Award

    Mark Egly, PGA, Des Moines Driving Range
  • Sales Representative of the Year

    Stan Sheffield, Footjoy
  • Bill Strausbaugh Award

    Greg Mason, PGA, Executive Director Iowa PGA
  • Merchandiser of the Year (Private)

    Michael Scott, PGA Crow Valley Golf Club
  • Merchandiser of the Year (Public)

    Bryan Luedtke, PGA, Bunker Links Golf Course
  • Merchandiser of the Year (Resort)

    John J. Dinnebier, PGA, Lake Panorama National Golf Course
  • Charlie Burkart Associate Scholarship

    Jon Stockton, PGA, Pinnacle Country Club
  • Iowa PGA Low Scoring Average of the Year

    Sean McCarty, PGA, Brown Deer Golf Club
  • Iowa PGA Senior Player of the Year

    Steve Hutton, PGA, Geneva Golf & Country Club
  • Iowa PGA Assistant Player of the Year

    Ben Montgomery, PGA, Jones Park Golf Course