Where are the Charlie Burkart Scholarship Alumni?

2023 Charlie Burkart Scholarship – High School

Congratulations to Sioux City, Iowa native Isabella Boyle and Cedar Rapids, Iowa native Ben Blocklinger on being selected as the 2023 Charlie Burkart Scholarship honoree by the Iowa PGA Foundation Charlie Burkart Scholarship committee. 

Congratulations to Isabella Boyle on receiving this award.
This fall 2023 Isabella will be attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her intended area of study is PGA Golf Management. She wants to bring gender inclusivity to a prominently male-dominated industry. She wants to be the person that she did not have when learning the game of golf, she wants the future generation of female golfers to have a mentor that will get them excited about playing and being involved in the game because we need to see more representation of female golfers. She has been a mentor for fellow teammates, classmates, and incoming golfers, whether that be through helping in the classroom or on the golf course. She hopes to bring the mindset of the game of golf with her through everything that she does, and she will continue to improve on everything that she does and each opportunity that she has been given, never taking anything for granted. Boyle hopes to bridge the gap between gender in the game of golf and inspire the future generation of golfers.

Congratulations to Ben Blocklinger on receiving this award.

Ben will be attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln majoring in PGA Golf Management with minors in Hospitality & Business. Blocklinger’s educational goals are to receive a Bachelor of Science degree (Golf/Business Management), with a PGA certification. He aspires to be a PGA teaching professional and/or a golf club manager. His objectives are to continue to improve his personal game, become a better communicator, develop personal/professional relationships and evolve into a stronger leader/mentor.

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